Český Krumlov Castle - International Study Centre project


The International Study Centre project was started on the grounds of the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau on Wednesday 19th of August 2015. With the symbolic handover of keys to the construction firm Archat památky spol. s.r.o. and security firm Trade FIDES, a.s., the National Heritage Institute launched its long-planned project, which is financed with funds from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009 - 2014. The lecture halls and accommodation facility will be open to participans and recreational stays from domestic and foreign universities in September 2016. 

The project to build the International Study Centre was selected from hundred additional entries as part of Programme Area No. 16 - Cultural Heritage, and long with twenty-five projects received a grant from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009 - 2014 in the Preservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage priority axis. Eighty percent of the total cost (CZK 32, 070, 840) will be covered by the grant, with the remaining twenty percent to be paid from the state budget. The National Heritage Institute applied for financial assistance from EEA funds in both of  the programme periods announced thus far (2004 - 2009 and 2009 - 2014). Two of the seven chosen projects concern Český Krumlov. The grand opening of the Castle Museum was celebrated in 2011, and the International Study Centre will be completed in 2016.   

Name and project identification

  • Project name: Castle Český Krumlov - Study Centre
  • Registration number: EHP-CZ06-OV-1-033-2014
  • Program: EEA grants 2009 - 2014, CZ06 - Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts
  • Support area: PA 16 - Contemporary art and culture presented and reaching a broader audience
  • Project lenght: 12/2014 - 09/2015

Financial support for this project was awarded by Resolution No. MFCEDR - PR - 000185-2014-58 of 27th November, 2014; based on the project application submitted within the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 - 2014, the program "CZ06 - Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art", Support area: PA 16 - Preservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage.

The support beneficiary is the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sites Management in České Budějovice.  

Work Schedule for the International Study Centre

The first phase of project implementation will involve the conservation and renovation of the south facade and repairs to the roof, including the construction of the historically documented dormers. Unsuitable interior walls and partitions that had been added over the years will be , and the floors on the first level will be returnet to the original condition. These spaces will be used for lectures and social purposes by the International Study Centre. Accomodations for individuals staying in the International Study Centre  will be created on the second and third floors. New electrical wiring, sanitary equipment and heating will also be installed. 

The anticipated completion date for the work described above is the end of 2015. Work connected with the repair and restoration of the wooden floor, windows and doors, the repair of plastered surfaces and the overal preparation of interiors for furnishing will be performed in the winter.

Project goal and outputs

The main goal of the project "Český Krumlov Castle - Study Center" is to contribute to the protecting and preserving of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic for future generation repurposing it to make it relevant to 21st Century Czech society, and to make it once again accesible to the public. The project primarily deals with a building which has been unused for long time, yet which is one of the most valuable building (Building No. 232. Hall of Columns) within the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov (Czech National site and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments). The project objectives are to reconstruct the building and apply pruposed innovative plan for its future usage.

The proposed plan addresses the current Higher Education (HE) demand (local as well as international) for HE programmes which integrate theory and practises. The aim is to maximize the learning experiences and to facilitate the application of newly acquired knowledge in practise on site. The "Castle Český Krumlov -  Study Center" will primarily offer practical experiences to HE students in the areas of protection, restoration and preservation of heritage sites, cultural anthropology, archiving, librarian studies, arts, historical theatre and heritage sites management. This action will create new activity on the site which represents a functional counterpart to the mass tourism which is currently dominant source of income for many Cultural Heritage sites.

In order to provide appropriate study environment for all participating students (Czech as well as foreign), professors, study groups, etc. the Pillar Hall will be renovated with the view of turning the site into comfortable, world class quality educational center. The goal is to firmly imbed this facility amongst internationally famous educational facilities for practical education of the HE students.

The project realization will have a positive impact on reducing economic as well as social disparties in regional development, including impact within the EEA. The project economic and social objectives will be mainly achieved by activities such as preservation and revitalization of cultural sites and its accessibility to public and HE organizations; increasing both direct and indirecting employment rate; expansion of available services; utilization of to project related economic benefits; extent project dissemination, etc.    

Contact information:

PhDr. Pavel Slavko, Site Manager of the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau and Project Head, e-mail: slavko.pavel@npu.cz, tel.: +420 607 559 430

Mgr. Petr Pavelec, Ph.D., Director of the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sites Management in České Budějoivice and Project Manager, e-mail: pavelec.petr@npu.cz, tel.: +420 607 661 967

Ing. Josef Masaryk, Project Administrator and Head of the Department of Administration and Presentation of Cultural Assets of the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sites Management in České Budějovice, e-mail: masaryk.josef@npu.cz, tel.: +420 606 541 090

Mgr. Jitka Skořepová, PR Manager and Spokeswoman, National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sites Management in České Budějovice, e-mail: skorepova.jitka@npu.cz, tel.: +420 602 626 736, +420 380 356 921




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