Český Krumlov Castle - Castle Museum

The Castle Museum project was started on the grounds of the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau in 2009. Financial resources for the Project of the Castle Museum in Český Krumlov were obtained from EEA grants and Norway grants in 2008.

Project promoter: National Institute for the Protection and Conservation of Monuments and Sites

Type of institution: National authority

Case number: CZ0155

Programme area: Conservation of immovable cultural heritage including urban renewal

Priority sector: Conservation of European cultural heritage

Project duration: 20 months (grant from: 2009-02-03) 

The purpose of the Project was the restoration of the interiors of the Lower Castle of the Český Krumlov Castle to enable their functional utilisation in the form of a new castle museum and exhibition space and making the building accessible to the public, with the overal objective of preserving the European cultural heritage in the Czech Republic.  Reference is made to the application form dated 12 October 2008, and to any subsequent correspondence with the Focal Point.

The completed project included the following results and activities:

- renovation works, including demolition, vertical and horizontal constructions, surface finishes, works to ceilings and floors, sanitary installations, wiring

- purchase and installation of safety equipment, including electronic security systém, fire alarm systém and camera systém technology

- restoration works, including restoration of wall paintings and tile stoves

- purchase of furnishing and equipment

- project management, including tendering, professional supervision and publicity  

The exhibit is in the style of historical 19th century museum. The interiors are furnished with historical lights, restored Dutch stoves and replicas of old museum exhibition boxes.